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Yemeni Leader Signs a Deal to End His 33-Year Rule

If the agreement holds up, it would make President Ali Abdullah Saleh the fourth leader forced from power in the uprisings that have shaken the Middle East and North Africa.

Weak Sale of Bonds Tests Germany’s Stature in Crisis

An auction of German government bonds met slack demand, suggesting investors are beginning to question whether there are any havens left in Europe.

Egypt Slips Deeper Into Crisis on Sixth Day of Protests

The outskirts of Tahrir Square plunged into chaos after attempts by the Egyptian military, clerics and doctors failed to stanch fighting.

Matthew Cohen stood among his planter boxes in Mendocino County in California.  Agents from the Drug Enforcement Agency raided the coop and destroyed all the plants.
Jim Wilson/The New York Times

Marijuana Raids Shake an Industry

In recent weeks, federal prosecutors have set their sights on growers and dispensaries in California that, in some cases, local officials regard as law-abiding models.

Report Finds Excessive Force in Bahrain Crackdown

The head of an international commission said security forces in Bahrain used torture and forced confessions on detainees during antigovernment protests over the summer.

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Cleared in Killings of 5 Newark Boys, Man Fears Suspicion Will Linger

Lee Anthony Evans’s acquittal left unresolved one of Newark’s coldest cases, in which no bodies were found.

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How to Roast a Turkey, and Other Advice

Above, Melissa Clark lays out perfect turkey preparation in six short videos; and the Dining desk and other experts are taking questions about Thanksgiving.

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The Machine That Makes You Musical

Is everyone musical? One sonic pioneer thinks so. And he has the technology to prove it.

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Skipping the Partner Track for a Shingle of One’s Own

For some lawyers, lifestyle choices outweigh the urge to make partner.


You're the Boss Blog
So You Want to Start a Business

Why is the failure rate for new businesses still so high?

Throwing Caution to the Wind in a Chilly Economy

Aside from a somewhat disappointing transmission, this SLK looks and feels like a real Mercedes roadster, not a waffling compromise between performance and luxury.

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Corner Office: Kathleen L. Flanagan
Want to Lead? Learn to Nurture Your Butterflies

Kathleen Flanagan of Abt Associates says she’s been taught to “always want to have butterflies in your stomach,” but also to have the confidence to “go with your gut” in decision-making.

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Review: Brews as Complex as Wine
Review: Brews as Complex as Wine
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Disunion: Richmond’s Medical Miracle

The Confederate capital became home to the world’s largest and best military hospital during the Civil War.

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New Winds in Mideast Favor Hamas
New Winds in Mideast Favor Hamas
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Pepper Spray’s Fallout
Pepper Spray’s Fallout
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Bloggingheads: Avoiding War With Iran

Robert Wright of and Heather Hurlburt of the National Security Network debate about a possible war with Iran.

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‘My Week With Marilyn’
‘My Week With Marilyn’

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